SHBA is a member-focused, member-driven organization and we encourage all members to actively participate, share ideas, and offer constructive feedback. SHBA’s committees help the organization to be successful, productive and effective. By serving on a committee you will increase your participation in SHBA, expand your knowledge of the organization, further develop leadership skills, and be of service to your fellow members. If you are interested in serving on one of the following committees please contact Blevian T. Moore at or 708-596-0065 for more information:



Responsibilities include…

  • Actively recruiting members by engaging with business owners in the community and informing them of our mission, goals and the benefits we provide.
  • Serving as ambassadors for SHBA at association-sponsored and member-sponsored events to increase interaction and engagement with our members.
  • Cultivating positive relationships between SHBA, our members, governmental, civic, educational and other organizations which facilitate the establishment of mutually beneficial opportunities.
  • Soliciting member feedback and ideas to ensure that SHBA is being responsive to our members’ concerns and needs.
  • Working closely with the SHBA Board and other committees to foster effective and efficient operation of the association and enhance services and opportunities for our members.


Responsibilities include…

  • Researching and identifying topics that may be of interest to business owners and SHBA members.
  • Securing speakers for networking luncheons and programs who are knowledgeable and proficient at speaking on identified topics.


Responsibilities include…

  • Identifying activities and cultivating relationships with other organizations that will enhance our visibility and reputation among our members, governmental and civic organization, the business community and residents of South Holland.
  • Creating and curating content of interest to business owners/members for the Intercom newsletter, SHBA website, and social media.
  • Creating, editing, and reviewing the Intercom newsletter and e-blasts to ensure that they are accurate and disseminated to members in a timely manner.
  • Developing methods for SHBA to help promote members’ businesses.


Responsibilities include…

  • Handling all monies, collections, bill payment, and preparation of annual budget.
  • Providing a monthly income and expense report for the Board of Directors meeting.


Responsibilities include…

  • Making members aware of federal, state and local legislation that will benefit and/or impact member businesses.
  • Maintaining a positive relationship with South Holland officials and area legislators to encourage information and resource sharing that will benefit members and businesses in the South Holland region.


Responsibilities include…

  • Soliciting applicants for scholarship by promoting application criteria and deadline to members.
  • Reviewing all scholarship applications received and determining scholarship recipients.
  • Notifying the scholarship recipients and inviting them to attend the awards program.


Responsibilities include…

  • Securing the location for the golf outing.
  • Determining the cost of the golf outing (ROI) and the cost of participation.
  • Developing pre-registration and onsite registration process.
  • Arranging for creation and display of signs/banner for hole sponsors and event.
  • Soliciting donations for lunch, beverages, and raffle prizes.
  • Arranging for and promoting special activities (i.e., masseuse, music on deck, golf awards, selling “Mulligans” and raffles).


Responsibilities include…

  • Securing location for the event with South Holland Public Works department; reserving grills and tents; ensuring availability of picnic tables.
  • Working with food and supply vendors to order food, refreshments and supplies.
  • Coordinating sponsorships and raffle ticket sales.
  • Developing onsite registration process.


Responsibilities include…

  • Securing location for the event.
  • Contacting caterer to arrange for food and refreshments.
  • Developing the program for the event.
  • Developing pre-registration and onsite registration process.
  • Securing door prizes and a holiday-themed gift for each paid guest.
  • Determining recipient(s) for beautification and service awards.


Revised 1/2018