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2016 March SHBA Networking Luncheon Summary

There is Value in Company Values

March 24, 2016

Rain did not stop South Holland Business Association (SHBA) members and guests from seizing the opportunity to network, learn, and enjoy lunch at our monthly luncheon on March 24, 2016.

The lively event was kicked off with lunch that included a delicious array of chicken wings to suit everyone’s taste and a yummy selection of side dishes.  The spread was catered by Wing Stop in South Holland and was sponsored by M. B. Financial Bank.

The highlight of the meeting was the presentation by Mary Erlain that gave us important insights into how to create and maintain a values driven organization.

Ms. Erlain is a dynamic international speaker, professional trainer, coach, facilitator and owner of Peak Development Strategies.  She is also a co-author of the following books:  10 Answer Keys – Effective Business Networking; 10 Answer Keys – Building Powerful Strategic Business Alliances; and 10 Answer Keys – Communicating with the 5 Generations in the Workplace.

Ms. Erlain’s slide presentation included a powerful quote by leadership and organizational health expert Patrick M. Lencioni which encouraged us to “Make Your Values Count.”  Ms. Erlain described the four categories of values that a company may have, including:

·        Core Values:  Deeply ingrained principles that guide the company’s decisions and actions.

·        Aspirational Values:  Values that a company needs to succeed in the future, but currently lacks.

·        Permission-to-Play Values:  Minimum behavior and social styles required by all employees like honesty, integrity and respect.

·        Accidental Values:  Values that arise spontaneously within a team or company overtime without being cultivated by leadership.

Employers can help foster and further their company’s values during the hiring process by:

·        Including a description of the company’s culture and values in job descriptions and on job postings.

·        Carefully considering how an applicant expresses his or her values on their resume and during their interview.

·        Evaluating whether an applicant will have a positive or negative impact on the culture of the organization.

For more information about the services that Ms. Erlain offers, please visit her website, email her at or call her at 630-768-1422.


Cassandra Griffin, SHBA Board Member

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